Shree Jain Hospital in Howrah Surgery Program

    At Shree Jain Hospital, we understand that undergoing surgery is stressful, no matter how minor or complex. That is why we adopt methods that help heal your body, ease your mind, and lift up your spirits. Our experienced surgeons have the expertise to offer cutting-edge advances in surgical care, including minimally invasive surgeries and robot-assisted surgery that reduces the hospital stays and recovery time and reduces pain significantly.

    At Shree Jain Hospital, we firmly believe that our patients, including their loved ones, should know what a hospital will charge for their services long before getting their bills. We have introduced Shree Jain Hospital Surgery, a surgical package program with assured pricing, as part of our effort to increase price transparency.

    Our assured price program will make it easier for patients, including their loved ones, to make informed decisions about their health care.

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    Signs and Symptoms


    Swelling in ankles and feet

    Chest Discomfort/ pain

    Shortness of Breath

    Fainting or Syncope

    Irregular heartbeats

    Any discomfort on exertion

    Light headedness



    Why Choose Shree Jain Hospital in Howrah

    • One of the best Cardiac Centre providing the best clinical treatment for over 3 decades
    • 1st NABH-accredited Hospital in India
    • The only Comprehensive Cardiac Care Centre in Eastern India equipped with 210 Beds, 24×7 Emergency, 7 Days OPD, and 24×7 Blood Bank
    • Equipped with Latest Cathlabs and equipment
    • Setting benchmarks in Pacemaker device implantation
    • Experienced Clinical staff and Trained Nursing
    • Lowest Door to Balloon Time (STEMI CODE)
    • Non- invasive Cardiology
    • Treated more than 3 Million Patients
    • The only COVID-Safe Hospital

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