1. OPD-

Our OPD is a composite of specialist doctors offering quality healthcare in various specialties and sub-specialties. Doctors are available on a schedule, to know more about it, check our info capsule. We offer OPD consultations for Neuro Medicine, Neuro Surgery, Gastroenterology, Urology, Nephrology, Cardiology and more.

  2. Pharmacy-

The hospital has a 24-hour pharmacy with a well-stocked inventory. All our medicines are genuine and are also available at reasonable rates. along with quality doctors, the right kind of medicine is also essential for a speedy recovery which is why we ensure we are constantly replenishing our stocks.

  1. Diagnostics

A proper diagnostic is essential for our doctors to offer required cure. With our high-tech equipment and our experienced technicians, we offer accurate diagnostics at reasonable rates. with a range of several radiological and pathological means, we offer optimum accuracy in identification of a patient’s ailment.

  1. Emergency-

Our emergency ward always has its doors open for patients in need. We always have expert doctors ready to attend patients along with paramedic staff and high-quality life-saving equipment and drugs. Our teams assures you to put their best foot forward 24×7 to attend to patient’s safety and holistic healing.

  1. IPD and general facilities

We are a 130 bedded facility distributed along several wards based on requirement. Our patient’s health and comfort are our topmost priority. We believe holistic care and support can heal all ailments faster and that’s exactly what we try to do here.

  1. Ambulance

We have a fleet of ambulances ready to serve patients in need including an ambulance with a ventilator. All our ambulances come with life saving equipment and an attendant to take good care of the patient. Call us on – to book an ambulance.

For further details contact-
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